August 6-11

RACE WEEK: AUGUST 6–11, 2019

Changes to the 2018 Royal Canadian Henley Regatta

June 12 2018

Greetings everyone, I hope your summer is going well. I just wanted to reach out to provide an update on a few things to note.

Please see below regarding the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta’s Waiver link. Waivers are required for all international participants. Please ensure your entries are compliant by completing the waiver.

A friendly reminder that entries close July 27th 2018 23:59EDT. All rosters and boating lineups will be frozen at that time, registration data will be transferred from Regatta Central’s database to our in-house system. Meaning any boating lineup changes will be done in the Front Regatta Office and will NOT be reflective on Regatta Central or the Regatta Central App. Please only use the published boating lineups issued on our website.

Due to changes in Regatta Centrals registration system, the host committee will be unable to make debit entries on their system. Meaning all transactions for name changes, scratches, etc. that are conducted in the Front Regatta Office will be in the preferred order of credit card or cash.

Camping and Hospitality Tents: We are now accepting reservations to camping and hospitality tenting. Please email with the following:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address
  • Island Contact Phone Number
  • Number of sites
  • Associated Affiliation

Shortly after you will receive a confirmation email. Payments will be processed in the Front Regatta Office upon arrival. Please visit camping page for further details.

Please take the time to review our website before sending in any inquiries via the Contact Us. In case you are having difficulty navigating I will provide you with some important links to get you started.

Please note that all monetary transactions and outstanding medical certificates between account holders and the host committee must be completed prior to the Front Regatta Office closing time Sunday August 12th. No monetary transactions of any kind will be conducted once the Front Regatta Office is closed. It is the responsibility of the account holder to conduct ALL & ANY business during the Front Regatta Office hours.


May 1, 2018

The Royal Canadian Henley Regatta Joint Commission had to deal with a significant change in the offseason, namely a new fee structure that was implemented by Rowing Canada Aviron and accepted by majority vote of its membership, and the time required for the corresponding changes to the registration system. The impact of this new fee structure is that when you purchase an entry, you will see two additional line items on your invoice: a Rowing Canada Aviron Seat Fee, along with a ROWONTARIO Seat Fee. I would like to emphasize that the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta (RCHR) has NOT changed its cost of an entry to participate – 2018 costs are the same last year. These items are new seat fees added by Rowing Canada Aviron and ROWONTARIO. A detailed explanation is provided below.

We have partnered with Hudson Boat Works as our Official Gold Boat Builder. HUDSON is bringing the SHARK Zone to the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta. If you are an Overseas Competitor or Club attending the regatta from outside North America and interested in racing a HUDSON at Henley, please contact HUDSON directly. Inquiries can be sent to Liam Parsons: HUDSON will continue to provide their domestic competitors with enhanced on-site race support services.

Notables for the 136th Royal Canadian Henley Regatta:

  • Clubs are no longer required to submit Schedule A – Certificate of Club Official
  • The Club Eligibility Roster Deadline has been removed, along with its associated Incremental Late Fee Structure as outlined in previous years’ Schedule B
  • The Henley Commission has clarified the Wait List Policy for the 136th RCHR. Please visit the Rules, Regulations & Policies chapter of our website for details
  • Introduction of the Page Memorial Club Masters Efficiency Trophy
  • Return of Womens Masters Pair events

The Henley Commission is committed to remaining a world-class Club regatta and hopes you enjoy your experience at the world’s largest Club regatta.

Yours in rowing
Peter Scott
Chair, Royal Canadian Henley Regatta




See below for Official Announcment from Rowing Canada Aviron.



Effective:  April 1st, 2018



What is changing?
At the RCA Semi Annual Meeting January 2017, Members voted for a new Membership Model.  Effective April 1st, 2018:


  • RCA moves from the current two-tiered model of “Sport” and “Competitive” rower to a single category of membership “Rower”.  Instead of the current fees of $15 / Sport Rower and $50 / Competitive Rower - every participant in a rowing program will pay the same RCA membership fee of $20.  And they will pay an RCA “Seat Fee” of $3.25 for each event they enter in within a “regatta”. 
  • This means that a rower who wants to enter just one event will no longer have to pay to upgrade their membership to “competitive”. 
  • A “Regatta” is defined as: any on-water, indoor rowing event or rowing tour in which participants from two or more clubs are involved or, RCA umpires are being used
  • Every “Regatta” must be sanctioned through RCA’s On-line sanction process.  Sanctioning is managed by your Provincial Rowing Association.
  • Every RCA Member organizing a sanctioned “Regatta” will have free access to the RegattaCentral system, a premium online regatta registration system.  Regatta organizers must use this system to register all their event participants.
  • For On-Water Regattas and Touring events, Canadian participants must be registered and active members of a Club to be eligible to participate.  Each time they enter an event, their RCA membership will be verified. 
  • For indoor rowing events, Canadian participants are not required to be registered and active members of an RCA Club to be eligible to participate.  Indoor rowing event participants will be assessed the appropriate “seat fees” when they register to participate in the event.
  • The RCA Seat Fee will be automatically added to a “regatta” participant invoice and every participant and regatta will have the convenience of “on-line” payment of regatta fees and any associated seat fees.
  • All Canadian “Regattas” including touring and indoor rowing events will be on one common platform for event registration.  All Canadian events will be listed in one location for the convenience of event participants.


NOTE:     Many Provincial Rowing Associations (PRA’s) will be adjusting their membership structures to align with the new system.  This will vary by province and be part of the system changes, but Clubs, Special Associations and Regatta Organizers will need to contact their province for additional details.

For more background on the new RCA Membership Model, please go to:

If you have questions, our Team is here to help you. 
Please contact a member of the RCA Implementation Team at:                   
Phone:                    1-250-220-2581
Your RCA Team is:   
                  Jennifer Fitzpatrick (Director of Partnerships and Sport Development)
                  Marla Weston (Project Coordinator)
                  Donna Atkinson (Project Coordinator)
                  Sid Murdoch (RCA Secretary)
                  Colleen Coderre (RCA Communications Coordinator)
Implementation of RCA’s new National Event Registration System through RegattaCentral

Before submitting system design parameters to RegattaCentral so they could customize their system to meet our needs, RCA team members reached out to every Province and made personal contact with more than 70 regatta and event organizers (~ 80 %) across the country. Team members heard from these organizers what was important to their events and used this information to finalize development requirements and build a system that meets the needs of most users.

The implementation team also reached out to third-party systems (e.g. Regatta Data, Regatta Master) and will continue to work with them to ensure they can tie into the new system and continue to support our Canadian regattas and events. During this time, RegattaCentral underwent a major system development and will be launching a new platform in December that is, even more, user/mobile app. friendly. During this same time, Regatta Central ownership changed (Blue Star Sports). Management and staff remain the same and RegattaCentral is moving forward “business as usual” under this new ownership.

Because of these changes, implementation of the customized RCA platform will move forward in 3 stages such that all the core functionality needed for the new system is in place by the end of February.  Enhancements will follow. 


Stage One: Core System Development – Includes Member Waiver, Online Sanction, Event Registration and API Development 

  • Based on feedback from Regatta organizers, RCA is implementing an online Waiver and new Privacy Policy for all program participants.  When participants renew their membership or become new members of RCA, they must complete the waiver and accept the Terms and Conditions before their registration will be accepted through WRS. The waivers (one for adults and, one for minors) are applicable to rowing programs and regatta participation and help to protect RCA and its Member organizations (PRA’s, Clubs and Special Associations).  Organizations may still add their own forms but, these will be in addition to the RCA waiver.
  • In future, Event Organizers will know that any Canadian regatta participant whose RCA/PRA membership is current – will also have completed an appropriate event waiver.  (eliminating the need for regattas to chase athletes for waivers). For non-Canadian participants, RegattaCentral provides a waiver portal for regattas wanting to use an online waiver for their events.
  • New RCA and PRA membership and seat fees will be in place and systems (WRS and RegattaCentral) will be available as of February 28th, 2018 for new program input and any regattas taking place April 1st, 2018 onward.
  • To enter an event in RegattaCentral, an online sanction application must first be completed.  This preliminary application, once accepted by the Provincial Sanction Officer, will generate an automated message to Regatta Central that the event can be listed along with other Canadian sanctioned “regattas”.  Event organizers can begin to set up their event details.
  • When a Canadian participant is entered in a Regatta or Touring event, they will be notified if they are not a current member of RCA/PRA and advised to correct this prior to the event start date.  RCA, PRA’s and Regatta organizers will receive a member compliance report based on the start date of their event.
  • Regatta Organizers will be able to add and invoice participants for scratch fees during and after the Regatta.  Regatta Organizers will have 5 days post regatta to input any changes. 
  • Regatta Organizers will need to assess any change fees where applicable and collect these directly from the participant/club/coach (we recommend this be done on-site)
  • In this first stage, all event participants will be charged the appropriate seat fees when they are entered in the RegattaCentral system. These fees will be paid to the Regatta and the Regatta will receive an invoice from RCA (and the PRA, if applicable) and will be required to remit these fees accordingly. In the next steps, the system will automatically deduct and remit these fees to RCA and the PRA, saving the Regatta that extra step.
  • API functionality will be in place for Regattas using 3rd party systems such as Regatta Data / Regatta Master 

Stage Two Enhancement:  Payment Processing and Automatic Remittance of Seat Fees

  • In Stage Two, the payment processing system will be fully implemented, and seat fees will be automatically deducted and remitted directly to RCA (and the PRA, if applicable).  This eliminates the need for Regattas to be remitting these fees after their event is completed.
  • This will be in place by May 30th, 2018. 

Stage Three Enhancement: “Real Time” Membership Verification for Organizations and Participants

  • We heard from Clubs that the RegattaCentral rosters of Club participants (which is accumulated year after year and does not remove club members who are no longer active), is too onerous for Clubs, particularly large ones to be useful to them.
  • By December 31st, 2018 the RegattaCentral system will manage eligible Member Organizations (PRA’s, Clubs, Special Associations) and Canadian event participants in “real-time”. 
  • The only athletes who will appear on a Club roster are those athletes who are current, “active” or “pending” members.  As soon as an athlete is registered for a program in RCA’s system (WRS), they will be added to the Club roster.  Provided they are “activated” prior to the start of an RCA/PRA sanctioned event, they will be eligible to participate.  When an athlete’s membership expires, their name will no longer appear on the Club roster.


What do Clubs, Special Associations and Regatta Organizers need to do?

  • Ensure your Organization is a Member in Good Standing or, you will not be able to access the online event system. Signed declarations and Member dues need to be up to date, in accordance with RCA bylaws.


Program Registration (WRS)

  • We HIGHLY recommend that Clubs review their “pending” members list within WRS and either “activate” or delete these so you are beginning 2018 with a clean slate.
  • Understand the new fee structure that RCA and your PRA is implementing; how that impacts your Clubs’ program and fee structures, and; make any changes needed.

For example: Some Clubs have an all-inclusive participant fee that includes their rowing program and participation in a set number of regattas.  The new RCA/PRA base member fees, Regatta entry fees and projected seat fees would need to be considered in this model or, clubs may want to revise their current model. This is of course up to each Club but, if you have not yet thought about this – now is the time!

  • Your System Administrator plays a critical role in ensuring that new members are “activated” in a timely manner so they are eligible to race.  In future, administrators will receive a warning and, any participants who are still “pending” after 28 days from the program start date will be automatically deleted from the system and the Club and program participant will be notified.
  • We also recommend that a Club designate a lead person or persons to participate in RCA information and online training sessions taking place over the next 5 months.
  • Review your Club “forms” that you require to be completed by participants. With the implementation of the RCA Online Waiver, does this reduce the number of forms that your Club needs?


What do Regatta Organizers need to do?

  • Appoint your Regatta Chair and Regatta Registrar (s) early so they can be well versed on the changes and trained to use the new system. 


Regatta Organizers – Be Informed!
Sign Up by clicking on the link below to receive updates on the new RCA on-line Regatta Registration System


  • Ensure that you or your key people are on our mailing list to receive updates.  If you received this email directly from RCA, you are already on our list. If you want to add people to our mail list – please forward this link to them so they can sign up and receive future bulletins.   
  • Ensure they participate in RCA Information and RegattaCentral on-line training sessions.
  • When the new system is launched in February, Regatta organizers should familiarize themselves with the On-line Sanction process if this is new to your Province. There will be new, easy to follow on-line sanction forms for Touring and Indoor Rowing events.
  • Review your Regatta Fees. You can have a Regatta Fee or base your entries on a Seat Fee model – current users of Regatta Central use both. Keep in mind, RegattaCentral was built on a “Seat Fee” model. You will find that some of the tracking and reporting functionality will be better if you use a “Seat Fee” model for your Regatta. Something to consider? Are there any taxes or, credit card processing fees that need to be accounted for? 
  • And, don’t worry; the RCA Implementation Team is here to help you and RegattaCentral has staff on hand who will guide you through the process from setting up your event right through to the start of your Regatta.