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Champions are not formed overnight. While the world sleeps, champions are forging their dreams into reality; straining every muscle, expending every ounce of energy, investing weeks upon months upon years for the sake of bettering their time by fractions of a second.

When we see them rise to the podium, medal in hand, sweat clinging to their brows, know that this moment has been years in the making.

Results to be posted as downloadable PDFs as they are completed. Please check back for frequent updates.

2016 Draws and Results

Sunday July 31st Masters Preliminary Draw: Download  7/26/2016  4:42am
Sunday July 31st Masters Final Draw: Download  7/30/2016  6:02pm
Sunday July 31st Masters Results: Download 7/31/2016 6:45pm
Tuesday August 2nd 2016 Preliminary Draw: Download V2  7/28/2016 7:28am
Tuesday August 2nd 2016 Final Draw: Download  8/1/2016 5:35pm
Tuesday August 2nd 2016 Results: Download  8/2/2016 6:21pm
Wednesday August 3rd 2016 Preliminary Draw: Download V2  7/28/2016 7:28am
Wednesday August 3rd 2016 Final Draw: Download  8/2/2016 6:06pm
Wednesday August 3rd 2016 Results: Download   8/3/2016 6:38pm
Thursday August 4th 2016 Preliminary Draw: Download V3  7/28/2016 3:47pm
Thursday August 4th 2016 Final Draw: Download  8/3/2016 6:35pm
Thursday August 4th 2016 Results: Download V2  8/5/2016 5:04pm
Thursday August 4th 2016 Winners Report Download  8/4/2016 7:34pm
Friday August 5th 2016 Preliminary Draw:

Download V2

 7/28/2016 7:28am
Friday August 5th 2016 Final Draw:


 8/4/2016 6:01pm
Friday August 5th 2016 Results: Download V2  8/7/2016 12:01pm
Friday August 5th 2016 Winners Report: Download  8/5/2016 6:19pm
Saturday August 6th 2016 Preliminary Draw: Download V2   7/28/2016 7:28am
Saturday August 6th 2016 Final Draw: Download V2   8/5/2016 7:12pm
Saturday August 6th 2016 Results:


  8/6/2016 6:29pm
Saturday August 6th 2016 Winners Report:


  8/6/2016 6:16pm
Sunday August 7th 2016 Preliminary Draw: Download V2  7/28/2016 7:28am
Sunday August 7th 2016 Final Draw: Download  8/6/2016 6:02pm
Sunday August 7th 2016 Results: Download  8/6/2016 3:48pm

 Efficiency Trophy - Standing Information

One of the things that makes the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta unique is its scoring system for the Efficiency Trophy. This trophy is awarded to the Regatta's most successful club.

Read about the scoring system.

Note: Gold Medal Winning Photos are available at Stan Lapinski's site: