Henley Results

Live Results

Sunday August 5th 2018 Masters Preliminary Draw: Download  Monday July 30th 1:49pm
Sunday August 5th 2018 Masters Final Draw: Download  Saturday August 4th 6:19pm
Sunday August 5th 2018 Masters Results: Download  Sunday August 5th 5:42pm 
Sunday August 5th 2018 Masters Efficiency Trophy: Download  Sunday August 5th 5:42pm 
Tuesday August 7th 2018 Preliminary Draw: Download  Thursday August 2nd 9:36pm
Tuesday August 7th 2018 Final Draw: Download  Monday August 6th 6:23pm
Tuesday August 7th 2018 Results: Download  Tuesday August 7th 6:21pm 
Wednesday August 8th 2018 Preliminary Draw: Download  Thursday August 2nd 9:36pm
Wednesday August 8th 2018 Final Draw: Download  Tuesday August 7th 6:03pm 
Wednesday August 8th 2018 Results: Download  Wednesday Auguat 8th 6:44pm 
Thursday August 9th 2018 Preliminary Draw: Download  Thursday August 2nd 9:36pm
Thursday August 9th 2018 Final Draw: Download  Wednesday Auguat 8th 7:23pm 
Thursday August 9th 2018 Results: Download   Thursday August 9th 7:09pm 
Thursday August 9th 2018 Winners Report Download  Thursday August 9th 6:52pm 
Friday August 10th 2018 Preliminary Draw:


 Thursday August 2nd 9:36pm
Friday August 10th 2018 Final Draw:


 Thursday August 9th 6:04pm
Friday August 10th 2018 Results: Download   Friday August 10th 7:00pm 
Friday August 10th 2018 Winners Report: Download  Friday August 10th 6:38pm 
Saturday August 11th 2018 Preliminary Draw: Download   Thursday August 2nd 9:36pm
Saturday August 11th 2018 Final Draw: Download   Friday August 10th 6:34pm 
Saturday August 11th 2018 Results:


  Saturday August 11th 5:58pm
Saturday August 11th 2018 Winners Report:


  Saturday August 11th 5:38pm 
Sunday August 12th 2018 Preliminary Draw: Download  Thursday August 2nd 9:36pm
Sunday August 12th 2018 Final Draw: Download  Saturday August 11th 4:49pm 
Sunday August 12th 2018 Results: Download  Sunday August 12th 3:27pm 

 Efficiency Trophy - Standing Information

One of the things that makes the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta unique is its scoring system for the Efficiency Trophy. This trophy is awarded to the Regatta's most successful club.

Read about the scoring system.

Note: Gold Medal Winning Photos are available at Stan Lapinski's site: www.goldmedalphotos.com


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